How to Add a Blog

Start your own blog by choosing one of our blog templates. You can also add a blog to your already existing website by following the directions: 

1. In order to add a blog to your website you have to create a new page. Choose the Blog page template and click Choose.

2. Name your page and click Create.

Changing the Layout and Number of Posts Shown on the Page

1. In order to change the layout, click on the blog post and then Layout.

2. Click Style and choose the style you like the most. Clicking the + and - buttons will allow you to change the number of blog posts shown on the page.

Deleting a Blog Page

To delete a blog page, click PAGES at the top of the page and choose the blog page. Click Delete Page. Deleting the blog page will delete all posts and articles. 

Tip: You can add blog posts to other pages and create different blog categories.

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