How to Manage Your Blog

Adding a New Blog Post

1. To add a new blog post, click on your newly created blog and choose Add blog post.

2. Enter a title for you new post and click Create

3. You are able to change the title of your post at any time by clicking on the title.

4. You are able to edit your article in the same way that you edit any other text block on your website.

5. When you have your blog post all ready to go, click PUBLISH.

 Editing a Blog Post

To edit a previously published post, click on the title.

Other Options for Editing Posts

After you click Manage posts, a different set of options will appear.

Scheduling Post Publication

You are able to delay the publication of your newly created blog post and choose the day when you would like it to appear on your website. The post will automatically publish on the date you set.

To set the publication date, turn on Schedule publishing and enter the date that you would like the post to publish.

Optimizing SEO for Your Blog Posts

By clicking Blog post SEO settings, you are able to optimize your blog post's SEO. You are able to change the blog post address (URL) in the Page address (URL) field. For example:

Deleting a Post

1. In order to delete a blog post, click Manage posts.

2. Choose the post in the left panel that you would like to delete and click Delete.

Other options

1. You can access other options of blog management by clicking SETTINGS.

2. Click the Blog tab. You will now be able to choose if you want to display Facebook comments or social network share buttons for Facebook or Twitter. You can also add HTML measuring codes, discussion forums or social network buttons to the header or footer of your blog post.

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