About Your Website's Statistics

The Webnode 2.0 editor offers a simple statistical overview of your website’s visits to help you to see how much traffic your website gets.

Statistics included in the report are the number of website visitors, the number of pages viewed, the most visited pages and website referrals.

Website statistics for free websites offer only an overview of website visitors and pages viewed for the past 30 days. You can get access to more information after purchasing one of our Premium Plans.

To access website traffic statistics, log in to your Webnode project administration and select the project you would like to see the statistics for.

About Your Website's Statistics

For free websites, only daily traffic statistics are shown. With a Premium Plan, you can increase the selection of data to monthly and all time.

About Website Statistics


Different statistical methodologies are used in data analysis. The data may therefore differ from other statistics, it is important to fully understand which metric you are checking.

Website visitors

This graph gives an overview of the number of visitors that your website received within a given time-frame. A day is counted from midnight to midnight.

Page views

This graph shows you how many particular pages were opened on a given day. Each page of your website is counted as 1.

Someone visits your website 10 times and during each visit they open the homepage (1 page) and contact page (1 page). 20 page views will be counted.

Popular pages

This metric will show you the most visited pages of your website based on the amount of page views.

About Website Statistics

Referral pages

This statistic will show you how visitors come to your website from sources other than search engines. You will be able see the last website they visited before coming to your website.

About Website Statistics

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