Domain transfer

Before the domain transfer, please take note of the following.

  • The domain will be changed with the transfer of the domain DNS records. If you use email services with your current registrar/hosting, email services will be out of order. To prevent possible difficulties with your email accounts, you can send us their MX records, which we leave the same or save your mail so you don't lose data.
  • Keep the login access to your email when transferring the domain and make sure you can access your mailbox.
  • The .com domains can not be transfered during the first 60 days of its registration period.

Steps to be taken before the domain transfer
1. Unlock your domain with the current domain registrar so the registrar can accept our request for the transfer. You should be able to unlock your domain through the domain's general settings. If not, please contact your registrar directly and ask them to unlock it.

2. Cancel the private registration of your domain. Check if registration data for your domain is public and if the domain is really registered to you. If not, update this information and make it accessible through the general settings of your domain or contact the registrar of your domain directly. You can check your registration data on

3. Your account and WhoIS information for your domain and your registration e-mail address for your domain account should be current and make sure you have access to your e-mail. You'll receive the verification e-mail to this address confirming your request for the transfer of the domain. We recommend you not to use your domain email address as your administrative contact because you might lose access to your email services temporarily during the transfer.

4. Get a valid Authorization key or EPP Code from your current registrar. The authorization key or EPP code serves as password for the transfer of your domain to Webnode. Some registrars have a link in the settings of your domain account but if not, ask them for it directly.

Starting the transfer of your domain
After you have met the conditions for a successful transfer you are ready to move your domain to Webnode.

Note: After you have paid and started the transfer of your domain to Webnode, it's necessary to confirm your request for the domain transfer by clicking on the link in the Webnode verification email which you will receive within 24 hours from initiation of the transfer. In the new window, confirm that you are the proper owner of the domain and that you've verified the transfer.

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